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Descripci贸n del Producto - Melón

El melón (Cucumis melo) es una planta herbácea monoica de tallos rastreros. Se cultiva por su fruto, una baya de temporada veraniega con un gran contenido de agua y de sabor dulce.

La planta posee tallos blandos y pilosos que crecen a ras de suelo. Sus hojas tienen peciolo acanalado y son palmadas, es decir, su aspecto es semejante al de una mano. Las flores son amarillas y cada una tiene un solo sexo.

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gUkd4oJcWZS - D7v3ieusnvR

Love Love Love these photos! Cannot wait to see the rest! You and Aaron were awesome. Thanks again for caunirptg our special day, you did an amazing job!
Valoraci贸n del producto 3 Puntos.

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you sound gentile, … you sound gentile, caring I wonder whether you can help to have better锘 conrtnecationor even better to have a photographic memory as I am having terrible time becauseI can not concentrate as my home ‘s environment in not ideal and I need to be able to concentrate, retain, analyse , to be able to pass I could not this year it has been a nightmarethis year, please help me.God blesses you for everything you are doing at the moment to help others you are an angel.thanks again. Was this answer helpful?
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